What is the position title for the role?

Executive Assistant (US, Australia, Ireland, etc. based)

What are the VA's primary responsibilities?

Manage calendars to ensure effective use of time, including aligning their calendar with organizational priorities; anticipating day-to-day developments; coordinating meeting logistics; responding to and triaging internal and external meeting requests; making travel arrangements; and developing detailed itineraries
Support with meetings virtually and in person, including securing necessary background or preparation materials and taking detailed (and, in some cases, transcribed) notes in meetings
Manage team incoming communications, often serving as a primary point of contact (by phone and email) to external relationships and responding to and/or escalating immediate, time-sensitive needs
Manage weekly calendar planning and end of day sync meetings, including ensuring alignment with priorities and clarifying ownership of responsibilities
Manage weekly priorities tracker, ensuring timelines and tasks are updated in a timely manner
Finalizing materials, as needed, for meetings and calls (e.g., reformatting slide decks, drafting emails)
Other duties as assigned

What would a typical day in this role look like?

To-do requests will be shared on a daily basis, with the expectation that the candidate tracks their hours and completes the requested tasks as needed.
A day can range from scheduling flights, and hotels, tracking expenses, scheduling meetings, and dinners, keeping track of our weekly priorities, etc.

What are the “must-have” skillsets of a successful candidate?

Very, very organized and personable

What systems and software would you like the VA to be familiar with?

Outlook, online to-do lists/trackers

Will the role be phone-based? Inbound/Outbound?

Chat Support, Phone Support (Inbound), Phone Support (Outbound)

How will you measure the success of a person working in this role?

Ability to complete the requests shared by the team, in a timely manner.

What geographic timezone will the VA be working in?

California, USA (PST)

How many hours/week do you require?

20 hours/week

What will the VA's daily and weekly work schedule be?