tawk.to is the world's most widely used business chat application, with over 4,000,000 active business users globally. We are looking to hire a smart, reliable and dedicated Account Manager for one of our clients. You need to know how to get along with just about anyone you meet, oversee client-customer relationships and build strategies to achieve objectives for each customer. You will lead every part of the client's team – from the PPC consultants to the technical experts – to deliver excellent results and make sure the client hits their deadlines.

If these values strike a chord, then you may just be the next High Flyer we are looking for:

Family-oriented — you understand that family comes before work

Honest — all we have in this world is our word

Teachable — we do not expect you to know everything; you just have to be willing to learn and grow

Loyal — customers will come and go, but our team sticks around for a reason

Reliable — you are the type of person that your friends and family know they can rely on

Job Responsibilities

  • You’ll work alongside a strategist to serve various clients, manage expectations, and execute various digital marketing projects, including SEO, SEM/PPC, Email Marketing, etc.
  • You’ll coordinate with every group to keep projects moving forward and execute your strategy
  • You’ll act as a trusted advisor to clients and become an extension of the customer’s team as you successfully establish relationships wide and high throughout the organization
  • You’ll communicate critical customer concerns and use your understanding of performance marketing to provide recommendations and establish proper expectations
  • You’ll be working closely with clients, so being able to speak openly and honestly with them while having a personable and trustworthy relationship is key
  • You’ll provide insightful and high-quality reports to your clients on a regular basis
  • You’ll identify upsell opportunities and assist in renewing and expanding customer contracts

Job Qualifications

  • Someone who is personable – you’re fun, you’re amiable, you’re organized, and you have solid communication skills
  • A team player who cares deeply about your client
  • Someone with excellent communication skills — whether you’re writing a quick email or hopping on a 30-min call, you get your point across quickly and clearly
  • A lifetime learner who is obsessed with marketing and getting results — you are always improving your knowledge and experience
  • A problem-solver with critical thinking skills and obsessive attention to detail
  • Someone who is accountable, resilient and honest
  • Someone who is disciplined and can work autonomously without hand-holding
  • Someone who can hit the ground running with a strong background in SEO/PPC/E-Commerce


  • Amenable to work during US business hours
  • Amenable to work on shifting schedules
  • Amenable to work on PH Holidays
  • Amenable to work during weekends
  • Can start ASAP
  • Preferably, someone with no current work commitments
  • Amenable to start part-time

Basic Technical Requirements

  • Your own laptop/desktop PC with the following minimum specs: i3 5th gen and above/AMD equivalent; 8GB RAM; Mozilla or Chrome installed
  • A consistent and stable internet connection of at least 10Mbps with a backup internet connection
  • A quiet and dedicated workspace at home