What are the VA's primary responsibilities?
- handling our mail campaigns
- handling our database scheduling to reach a client
- ideally writing the copy for the email campaign and coming up with content based on our own web products in conjunction with all the items.
- They will be using WordPress and other online platforms to run marketing
- We use Twilio to text our client base - and coming up with the content for that with me
- For select sections for our properties online we will need graphics edited using the adobe suite of product
- Experience with Adobe products - particular photoshop and premiere
- Enhancing graphics and images for online and offline publications
- Video editing work - stitching and editing video sequences together
- Shopify - being able to upload the basic into his platform
- Allow all of the software that you use to talk to Zendesk Sell - my CRM (emails syncing up)
- Following up with clients from email campaigns
- Zapier experience would also be ideal
- Realises he may need multiple part-time people who specialize in certain roles.
- We have some specific projects from time to time (eg we're creating a specific manual to sell to our users) - sit with my partner to transcribe and edit content to get it to a published state.
- We have a database management situation - someone who can be reliable and understands how to clean data - and use tools who can clean that data into a presentable format
- Familiarity with ISSUE for some of the publications we have
- I need to be able to clearly communicate with the person who's working with me - no roosters.
- database focus - need to know how to look and understand accurate data - I can work through them to understand what good looks like
- password sharing and security (LastPass) - if we need them to use a credit card - someone that has a secure connection and knows how to work with secure info
- Create a page on the LinkedIn navigator account and integrate FB and IG feeds that are part of the larger campaigns we've been marketing - IG an…

What would a typical day in this role look like?

Our day starts at 10 am and ends at 6 pm - Sunday, Tuesday to Friday typically...
Being available to check-in and handle projects
get with myself or my business partner who would have certain tasks that need to get done in the afternoon
An ongoing project to be worked on
building out larger campaigns - and providing updates on content and platforms we're using
working to deadlines
follow up on marketing and reach out to a select list of clients to follow up on our contact data, follow up with any previous requests and work out if there are any new requests (post and pre-sales)
editing current content for social media and keeping that updated as new content comes in
research requests - if I need to explore something and need content understood from other platforms - I would have the VA research, gather the information and provide it to me in a digestible format

What are the “must-have” skillsets of a successful candidate?

Mailchimp and ZendeskSell
Understanding of how web leads are generated using things like funnels
Versed in how to make videos effective for conversion - that's why photoshop and premiere are a must
From a sales standpoint - working with us to reach out to our database of clients to have a dialogue with them either virtually via email, or even get on a phone call with them and have a conversation - some projects may require this
schedule mail campaigns into an email sequence and monitor their effectiveness and make changes if required. A/B testing
creating content from existing content
WordPress and understand how to edit templates and correct and optimise site - landing page development through WP or other platforms
Enhancing graphics and images for online and offline publications
Knowing how to use Shopify even at a basic level and I can walk them through
Understand how to use Zapier or willing to learn this
LinkedIn for business

What are the “nice-to-have” skillsets of a successful candidate?


What systems and software would you like the VA to be familiar with?

WordPress, Photoshop and Premiere, as well as understanding how to use MailChimp - and able to optimise for graphics as well content. As well as Zendesk sell. Shopify. Basic of Slack. LinkedIn Navigator

What geographic timezone will the VA be working in?
(GMT-07:00) US/Pacific
40 hours/week
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Hour Expectations on different days
Mountain standard time - 10am til 6pm MST

If you think you're the right person for this job, send us your CV and portfolio link.