FT Underwriter - Rateshop.ca

FT Underwriter - Rateshop.ca

Job Summary:

Mortgage broker working on behalf of customers to find good rates in a highly competitive market, ensuring customer satisfaction, education to clients about steps and process, timelines.

Underwriter Responsibility:

  • ● Create, update, review mortgage applications

  • ● Collect documents, complete conditions and compliance

  • ● Liaise with clients, other agents, answer questions for clients

  • ● Ensure customer satisfaction, reviews, guarantee closing dates, complete deadline tasks

  • ● Follow process, escalate issues, exceptions, manage file flow

  • ● Communication with team using SIP phone provided, email provided.

  • ● Pipeline management

  • ● Use online tools for document collection, review documents and compare applications,

    compare lender rates, diligent inaccuracy. Ability to remember the process, where to look

    for what, followups, confident phone conversation.

  • ● Update system and trackers

    What would a typical day in this role look like?

  • ● 3-5 application review and submission

  • ● 30-50 emails

  • ● 100-200 documents review

  • ● 10-15 phone calls

  • ● Updating rates

  • ● Scheduling Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts relevant to products

  • ● Reporting

  • ● Talking to management, taking instructions from multiple sources

    Must Haves:

  • ● Strong verbal and written communication

  • ● Confident email correspondence skills

  • ● Multi-tasking, Computer savvy, comfortable with multiple systems used in real-time.

  • ● Good memory, at the moment action-focused

  • ● We work on the priority of importance, ability to judge the need for each client

  • ● Phone, email courteous conversation, manage irate clients, work well with a team,

    assign responsibilities and share the workload, accept incoming tasks with ease. Work

    smart, not hard. Be mindful of pending tasks, open requests, good organizational skills,

  • ● Exposure in email campaign marketing, minor Grafix creation, experience in training,

    admin work, experience in Moodle.


● Email, chat, VoIP, excel, experience in salesforce if possible


● 40hoursperweek-9AMto6PMEST